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charging for 1000W 800W wind turbine generator 400W 300W solar panel

  • Brand Name: FLTXNY
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: FC1000/800
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Type: Wind Power Generator
  • Brand Name: FLTXNY
  • Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China (Mainland)
  • Certification: CE
  • Voltage: 12V/24V
  • Type: Wind Solar Hybrid Charge Controller
  • Application: hybrid charging for Wind Turbine Generator
  • Over-discharging Protection: Yes
  • Over-charging Protection: Yes
  • Solar Reverse-charging Protection: Yes
  • Open-circuit Protection: Yes
  • Over-wind Protection: Yes
  • Warranty: 2 Year Free Maintenance

The controller is designed specifically for hybrid wind-solar street light system, which can make the wind-solar hybrid street light system of various resources to achieve the best configuration, of course, the controller with some simple Settings can also be used in household system.

Intelligent design succinct structure, powerful control, stable performance, safety, and reliability of the products. Choose MPPT Wind turbine charging ways, charging more efficiency than ordinary PWM way more superior. The boost charge function, solve the low charging efficiency problem of low wind speed (optional). Professional digital intelligent control. 




1.The Wind turbine charging part and Solar charging part are independent of each other, can make Wind turbine controller or solar controller using independent (As a Wind turbine controller cannot use light control function).
    ①Wind turbine charging adopted booster MPPT technology, which makes under low wind speed, the Wind turbine’s electricity can still be used;
  •     ② In the high wind speed or the Wind turbine of power is beyond the scope of the battery and load absorption, the controller immediately launched the step-less unloading function, protection system of the equipment.
  •     ③Solar charging using in series MOS tube technology, which makes the controller power consumption is small, the system more stable.
2.Discharge part working mode can be set, light control mode, time control function, etc, The user can be set up according to the requirements on its own combination.
3.Manmachine interface of the controller USES a custom LCD screen and four key operation mode, the user to use simple and easy to use, popular and easy to understand, convenient and quick. 
4. The controllers with perfect protection function, including lightning counter-attack, solar charger, over-voltage automatic braking, storage battery reverse connect and open protection, etc. 

Status Indication

Button Instruction


Button 1: Press this button to enter setup interface or switch setup program;

Button 2: Click this button to switch down on page views, in the setup interface, it is used to reduce the parameter values, step 0.1V;

Button 3: Click this button to switch up browsing on page views, in the setup interface, it is used to increase the parameter values, step 0.1V;

Button 4: Click this button to exit the setup interface, and save the parameters.


LCD Screen (the default interface)

 To the user in accordance with the specifications, general automatically entered into the following interface



on behalf of the display Battery Voltage at this time, digital is the Battery Voltage Readings;

     represents the current day (if it is night, the icon into);

  represent the charging and discharging, for charging, having the current will show effect; when there is no current or current is very small, the label will disappear; For discharge, when the battery is in the state of under-voltage, flashing the overall effect, when the battery is in a good state, according to static effect, marking can pick up the load, after loading, if there are current, will display effect.

  on behalf of the solar panels, power generation according to the sun;

   on behalf of the battery, the number of inside represent the current battery capacity;

 on behalf of the load, the load output will be lighting effects under the condition of display;

on behalf of the fan, the wind will come, the animation will be shown.


Parameters to browse

User press down key to view the fan charging current “Ifan”, the solar charging current “Ipv“,  press the up button to return to the interface of a parameter.

The above three pages, collectively known as browse pages, when a minute don’t operate controller buttons, LCD back-light will automatically go out, after pressing any key will once again lit back-light and continuously for one minute.


Parameter Settings

  Press Enter key, the controller into the parameter set interface, as the following shows, “Vfloat” represent this time can be set to float charging voltage value, the user can press or key numerical, each time you press the increase or decrease 1V, set up finished, the user can press the ESC key to exit to browse the first page, can also continue to press Enter to switch to the next project, operation method as below:

The controller can be set to Float charging pressure point “VFloat”,under-voltage point “Vunder”, over-voltage point”Cover”, fan unloading point “Vfan_breaking”, the operation method is the same as the first item.


 Use environment 
1. Should be in a clean dry ventilated environment. 
2. Avoid direct sunlight and the sun, rain, humid mist of the environment. 
3. To avoid dust in soil, dust in the environment. 
4. The battery should be placed away from 0.5m or more. 
5. Is strictly prohibited inflammable, explosive gas environments, to guard against flames and sparks! 
6. Ambient temperature -25 degree  – +50 degree. 
7. The air relative humidity less than 85% (25 degrees ± 5 degrees). 
Safety and protection 
The controller has the solar energy the counter-attack, reverse connect the battery, battery open circuit, lightning protection, wind speed and over-voltage protection function.
Note: lightning protection refers to the last level of protection, equipment necessary for lightning prone areas, need to use special multistage lightning protection system of lightning protection device, etc.If the user has this requirement, it is necessary to increase the corresponding cost of the distribution system and indicate when you order it.
In offgrid system, there is always a pair of contradictions that produce energy source and energy absorption of load does not match the problem, may be the following situation: 1. The power supply can be issued under the condition of sufficient electrical energy of the load is not likely to work and the battery power is full, so this time we need to send power electricity do discharge processing, otherwise may cause permanent damage to the equipment;2. In the power supply does not have enough electric power support is likely to appear when battery power is rarely lead to load can not have normal work, so we also need to improve power generation capacity in this situation.
In our wind solar system, solar panels power relative to the Wind turbine power is very stable power supply, so we had a wind solar hybrid controller mainly for Wind turbine design the booster MPPT charging technology and step-less unloading function, and in view of the solar panels still take simple and efficient PWM charging technology.
Booster MPPT mainly for most of the time in many parts of the wind power is not enough to support a generator to the condition of the battery charging, specific working principle is: the Wind turbine under the condition of wind speed reach the rated wind speed, the resulting voltage and power are not reach the rated power, we through realtime acquisition Wind turbine by means of booster circuit of voltage and current from the boost voltage to the battery voltage to the system requirements, using the software MPPT algorithm make the Wind turbine of power use as much as possible.
Stepless unloading function mainly aimed at the first case, when don’t need additional energy, will generate the energy consumption of the Wind turbine on unloading device, the controller dedicated connection port of unloading device, the user can be selected according to actual condition when the choose , we suggest in good wind conditions, such as coastal and western is empty,you must configure unloading;In some inland areas where wind conditions in general, we also recommend that try to configure unloading.
Service promise: this machine is repaired without paying a fee within a year, lifelong maintenance. Exceeding the deadline or being damaged during transporting or artificial damage or natural disasters damage caused by irresistible factors is not in the list of the warranty.
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China, Russian Federation


12V 24V AUTO


1000Wwind400Wsolar, 800W Wind 300W solar, 800W Wind 400W solar


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