SIMAX3D 3D scanner, color 3d scanner


High precision, Fast scanning, smart stitching

  • Model Number: VISION-M1
  • Maximum scanning size: 240*240*240mm
  • Scanning mode: Full-automatic scanning
  • Scanning precision: ≤0.1mm
  • Rotary table scan speed: 3.0min
  • Scanning time: 12s
  • Camera: 3.0 million pixel sensor
  • Light source: white light LED cold light source
  • File type: STL,PLY,OBJ
  • Space distance: 0.17-0.20mm
  • Scanning way: Non-contact raster face scan
  • Splicing patterns: Fully automatic rotary table splicing
  • Color texture: Support 24 true colors
  • All quality: 4kg
  • Table size: R=120mm H=65mmm
  • Power input: AC100-240V 1.06amps 50-60HZ

SIMAX3D scanner is a kind of intelligent hardware used to collect three-dimensional data of an object


Product Advantage

✔️Countless details ultra-high precision, using white light technology, white light scanning is a high-precision non-contact three-dimensional scanning technology line, which has higher accuracy than laser infrared scanning. The accuracy of one-time scanning can reach 0.1 mm.
The use of led cold light source,compared to laser scanning,harmless to the eyes,more safe for students
✔️Industrial lens more details of your fun
✔️24-bit true color advanced camera easy to deal with
✔️Automatic turntable, custom rotation angle, no manual operation, automatic scanning Scan takes only 3 minutes
Fast operation one step scan using raster surface scanning,smart splicing,scanning without manual intervention,one step to output data
✔️50% efficiency improvement

Product Specification

Maximum scanning size:240*240*240mm
Scanning mode:Full-automatic scanning
Scanning precision:≤0.1mm
Rotary table scan speed <3.0min
Scanning time <12s
Camera:3.0 million pixel sensor
Light source:white light LED cold light source
File type:STL, PLY, OBJ
Space distance:0.17-0.20mm
Scanning way:Non-contact raster face scan
Splicing patterns:Fully automatic rotary table splicing
Main Size:270mm(L)*130mm(w)*722mm(H)
Color texture:Support,24 true colors
All quality:≈4kg
Table size:R=120mm,H=65mmm
Power input: AC100-240V,1.06amps,50-60HZ
Maximum weight:6kg



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