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DIY Laser Engraver Cutter Engraving of Stainless Steel and Oxidized Metal

  • Brand Name: KKMOON
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Model Number: Engraving Machine


Off-Line Control + Red Light Locating Laser Engraving Machine, Ensure a Flexible and high Precision engraving and carving.  230mm*280mm working area, realize a really limitless carving area from both height and width by adjusting the machine.  360° Rotary Axis ( optional) helps you to engrave/carving ball/cylinder objectives, not limited in flat carving.  Powerful laser modules help you work on almost all kinds of material. Upgrade 40W all-metal engravable laser module, provide you infinite carving ability.

Flexible Working — Off-line control laser engraving machine, you can use computer/phone install the app to operate the machine, connect through wifi/smartphone hotspot.  Very easy and convenient to use.  get rid of line bother.
Efficiency & Stability — Red Light helps to locate engraving area, prevent skew carving, Premium motor + closed belt loop conduction improved working stability and make the machine work more flexible, and lower noise.
Easy Operation — Supports the operation of computer and android phone APP controller, Supports our professional self-developed software for Win and XP system which supports a variety of image formats. Can print any pictures easily and can be directly read in jpg, jpeg, png, bmp, etc.
Simple Assemble — You just need to assemble One Axis, very easy to get started. 
High Precision & Stability Laser Module — Professional laser head with high speed and high stability. Bright blue-violet light, easy for locating when engraving. 30W with more powerful in engraving and carving provides a neat and clear image.  
40W Laser Engraving and Cutting Material — High powerful 40W laser module enable to the carving of stainless steel, oxidized metal, titanium steel, anodized aluminum, stone, MDF, balsa, wood, fabric, plastic, PCB, paper, bamboo, horn, leather, sponge paper, etc. with an ultra-fast speed, high light transmittance. Not Engravable: copper r/aw materials, aluminum r/aw materials.
Cutting Materials — Cutting plywood, cutting black acrylic board, leather, paper, etc.

1. 30W and 40W Laser Head is Focused, no focusing button required.
2. During operation, the laser head and the object must be kept at a distance of 2 cm.
3. Please use the metal column for the 30W laser head to adjust the focal length of the laser head and the engraved object.

Use plug: US
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Acrylic
Main Color: Black
Carving area: 230mm*280mm
Laser power: 5500mW / 10W / 20W / 30W / 40W (optional)
Laser power: 12V 5A
Laser Wavelength: 450nm
Input voltage: 110-240V
Positioning: red light locating
Number of axes:  X-axis double Y-axis
Accuracy: 0.1MM
Supported Formats: jpg / bmp / png / jpeg
Supported OS: Win7 / Win8 / XP / Win 10, Android APP
Connect: WIFI/Smartphone Mobile HotSpot
Applicable materials: plastic, leather, wood, jade, stone, bamboo, paper, stone, 304 stainless steel and some surface-treated metals, oxidized metal.
Product Weight: 3.2kg/ 7.1lb

Packing List:
1 * DIY Laser Engraving Machine Kit ( Need Assemble)
1 * Laser Modual
1 * Protective Glasses
7 * Papers
1 * Marker


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10W, 20W, 30W, 40W, 5500mw, Machine Only


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