2Pcs Epoxy Resin Adhesive AB Glue For Glass Metal Ceramic Wood Multipurpose Glue


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  • Certification: NONE
  • Origin: CN(Origin)
  • Type: Epoxies
  • Application Materials: Glass
  • Model Number: 7HH313661
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Model: Apr23
  • Material: Glue


This adhesive can stick materials of the same kind and different kinds,
Including steel, iron, aluminum, titanium, ABA, PVC, nylon, polycarbonate, Plexiglas, polyurethane, cement, china, wood, etc.
It is widely used for making and repairing of automobile motorcycle, machine, channels
and containers in chemical industry, carpentry and furniture, lanterns and signboards,toys and every day articles.

Use the glue at well-ventilated places,
Since it has acrylic in it, keep it away from food and children;
Don’t put the lids on wrongly.

Material: Glue
Length: approx. 7cm
Quantity: 2 pcs (A+B) Kit
Inspiration: AB glue.
Weight: 10g.
Function: Adhesive / Glue / Gift. cn1521689091ulta
Colloidal transparent colorless, bonding a wide range of objects
Non-toxic, low odor, non-irritating
Easy to use and safe

1. Before use it, mix A and B to be 1:1 mixture;
2. It can be used for plastic, glass, metal, ceramic;
3. Use it on the clean surface, press the broken parts to be sticking tightly.
4. The glue will be stable 20 minutes Later,

Package include:
2 pcs = A+B glue


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