1 Set Jewelry Making DIY Clear AB Crystal Glue High Adhesive Anti-yellow Quick Drying Resin Epoxy


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  • Type: Epoxies
  • Application Materials: Plastic
  • Model Number: 100g


This epoxy resin is excellent for jewelry making.
It’s also widely used in castings,decorative purposes and all crafts. 
It can be cured under normal temperature and high temperature.
With the feature of non-toxic,low odor,good flowing property. 
Natural defoaming, anti-yellow, self doming, high transparency, no ripple, bright in surface.
This kind of AB glue were mixed of low viscosity which has good fluidity and high adhesive fastness.
Mixed method tutorial:
1. Put the measuring cup or cup on the electronic scale, and then open the electronic scale to clear it according to the price, wait until it is cleared, and then pour the glue. Take care that there is no water or dust in the cup.
2.After pouring A glue, press the clear button again, pour B glue until the weight is 1/3 of A glue.
3.Use a stir bar to gently stir clockwise for a few minutes until there are no bubbles in the glue. If there are still bubbles, you can leave it for a few minutes or pierce with a needle.
4.After no bubbles, you can start DIY products. If you want to adjust the color, you can add color paste and continue to stir until no bubbles.
5.Pour the mixed glue into the mold,  fill beautiful metal bezels. Change the resin color with pigments and mica powders,add glitters for sparkling effects and create beautiful faux Opals. Or draw a resin painting. Play your imagination and make any resin crafts you like., wait for curing, and release the mold.
Package Included:Random labels
1 bottle x A  75g  Crystal Glue
1 bottle x B  25g  Crystal Glue 
Random packaging



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